Rapper Plies Got Too Drunk Last Night, So He’s Giving Up Liquor


Rapper Plies is starting off the New Year with a serious promise to himself – he’s giving up liquor.

by Mike Winslow
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(AllHipHop News) Last night (January 13), Plies posted a series of drunken videos of himself to his 4.8 million followers on his Instagram account.

Although he was in the front seat of a vehicle, Plies didn’t appear to be driving, although he was highly intoxicated, as sang along to Mary J Blige’s single “I’m Goin’ Down.”

“I’m going to go and share something with y’all. I ain’t drinking no motherfucking more. I ain’t. I ain’t drinking no motherfucking more. I’m getting too motherfucking young for this shit, oh man,” Plies lamented.

The “Bust It Baby” rapper could have suffered serious consequences for his actions. Since the keys were in the ignition, police could have argued that he had an intention to drive, and hit him with a DUI charge.

Plies also blamed his friends for encouraging and him to drink, while enabling his liquor habit.

“It’s all of my motherf##king friend who just sit there and just motherf##king let me get this motherf##king drunk. Y’all ain’t s##t. Ain’t none of y’all s##t, because y’all know when I get that motherf##king look in me…I ain’t drinking no motherf##king more.”

Take a look at the videos below: