Rapper Ra Diggs Sent To Supermax

Brooklyn rapper Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron is so dangerous, that a judge has sent him to the Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

by Mike Winslow

(AllHipHop News) Ra Diggs was convicted and given three life sentences in June of 2014 for his role in three separate murders in New York.

Authorities maintain the rapper, who once recorded records with artists like Uncle Murda and Murda Team as well as Waka Flocka, was still issuing orders from his prison cell.

Officials insist that Ra Diggs was the head of a Blood set in New York and has continued to call shots and intimidate witnesses.

Ra Diggs has so much control of his Blood gang from prison that he had to be shipped off to Florence ADX, where he will be in total isolation almost 24-hours a day since he’s been labeled as deadly as a terrorist.

In a lengthy Facebook post in 2014, Ra Diggs wrote about the charges and his prison sentence.

He denied being involved in any of the felonies he was convicted of and accused overzealous prosecutors of using his rap lyrics against him:

The great strides I have made professionally in the music industry has been overshadowed by the mud slinging & the vast attempts by the government officials to hang unanswered crimes on my rising star,” Ra Diggs wrote. “Although these are not victimless crimes, & my sincerest sympathy & condolence is offered to anyone who has been affected or lose someone as a result of these atrocious allegations, I am not personally responsible for any of these accusations. I use rap as a vehicle to tell stories that depict my environment, express & vent about past experiences, & to explore dreams & fantasies of grandeur. But somehow the lyrics I have spent countless painstaking hours writing & recording to make a living, & escape a life of crime & recidivism are being utilized to demonize & create a fictitious event of crime & terror in a community neglected by the assistance of local law enforcement for decades.