Rapper's Skills Were Mocked At A Christmas Party, So He Shot A Man In The Butt

A Christmas party featuring some freestyling turned into an attempted homicide.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Think twice before you make fun of someone’s rap skills.

At a recent Christmas party in Pennsylvania, an amateur rapper allegedly shot a man for making fun of him and his rapping abilities.

According to local reports the incident took place in Redstone Township, a small town near Pittsburgh.

The cops are looking for a rapper known as May Cuz, who shot a man named Curtis Smith in the butt on Christmas day.

May Cuz, born Bruce Dewayne Jones, was rapping inside the kitchen before he was triggered to violence.

Trooper Adam Janosko stated, “Smith overheard Jones rapping and did not believe he was that great at it. Smith began to laugh and smirk at Jones as he sang.”

The two continued their bickering in the yard before May Cuz pulled out his pistol and threatened Smith to “better leave.”

Aroused and upset, May Cuz allegedly fired three gunshots as Smith was trying to escape in the SUV.

Smith was taken to Uniontown Hospital after being struck. May Cuz is charged with attempt to commit homicide and possession of a firearm.

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