Rapper Snoop Dogg Banned From British Airways After Brawl In Airport

British Airways has banned rapper Snoop Dogg from flying on their airlines, after the rapper was accused of starting a brawl in London's Heathrow Airport.

Snoop Dogg (real name Calvin Broadus) was released last week (April 27) following a melee that occurred at a British Airways first class lounge.

Snoop and five other members of his entourage were arrested on charges of "violent disorder and affray" according to London police.

The arrests stem from an incident in which Snoop and entourage attempted to enter a first class lounge of British Airways.

Although Snoop had a first class ticket, British Airways reps said his entourage - who had been flying coach - were denied entry because they were not flying first class.

Police reported that Snoop's party became aggressive and caused minor injuries to seven police officers during the brawl.

While they have not been charged with any offences, police indicated that Snoop and his associates are scheduled to return to London in mid-May for further questioning.