Rapper T.I. Settles Lawsuit Over Restaurant Employees' Pay

AllHipHop Staff

T.I. has reached a deal with some disgruntled employees at his old restaurant.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper T.I. has reportedly settled a lawsuit with his former employees over pay.

Avery Lee, Kyle Vargas, Khori Vargas, and Shawn Yarborough sued the "Live Your Life" hitmaker and his business partner Charles Hughes, alleging they failed to pay them properly for overtime at the rapper's Scales 925 Restaurant.

T.I. and Hughes denied the accusations but settled the case this month.

T.I. and Hughes agreed to pay their four former employees $39,000 each in the settlement.

They also paid $43,000 in legal bills.

In exchange, the quartet agreed not to seek any further litigation against T.I. and Hughes.

The restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia opened in 2015 but closed its doors the following year due to unpaid rent.