Rapper Tech N9ne Gets Divorced - Finally

TechN9ne has ended a lengthy divorce from his wife, and his pockets are being taxed.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Tech N9ne is a single man now that he is divorced. Read more.

Rapper Tech N9ne is officially divorced.

The hip-hop star married Lecoya LeJeune in 1995, but they parted ways 10 years later in 2005.

They have been separated for a decade and earlier this month, the divorce was made official.

According to TMZ , Tech N9ne, real name Aaron Yates, retains 49 percent of his Strange Music label and management company, while LeJeune keeps access to several bank accounts.

Yates will also make an asset equalization payment to his ex for $150,000 and pay $5,555 in spousal support for six years.

The couple's children are now adults, so the couple did not have to reach any custody or child support agreements.

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Lesson ONE is Pursuing THE MUSIC BUSINESS: Don't Get Anyone Pregnant & Don't Get Married! After potential SUCCESS, then you can DECIDE if you want to get married or have children, but BEFORE is taking your chances & dollars away...................