Rapper To Stand Trial For Grizzly Murder

Rapper Antron "Big

Lurch" Singleton was ordered to stand trial last week for the

murder of a Los Angeles woman in April. Detective Raymond Jankowski testified

on Wednesday (June 5th) that he found the victim, Tynisha Ysais, 21, in her

apartment with her chest ripped open.

According to testimony, Lurch and Ysais' boyfriend

Thomas Moore, spent the evening prior to the murder smoking PCP. The next day

Ysais' friend Alisa Allen saw Lurch on the street naked, his stomach and mouth

were covered with blood. She flagged down an officer who arrested Lurch. When

Allen went to Ysais' apartment, she found her friend lying dead on the floor.

Jankowski described the grizzly scene. "Her

chest was open, exposing internal organs." He also said that her right

lung was chewed and torn. A medical examination after Lurch was arrested found

foreign human flesh and blood in his stomach.

Lurch, who is originally from Texas, was in Los

Angeles recording material for a new album. "I can't believe it,"

Texas veteran Face (formerly Scarface) told AllHipHop.com. "I've known

him for awhile. His people were in touch with me about doing some material 3

or 4 months ago. For some reason, I decided not to work with him. He had a nice

voice and he could rhyme.Noone would have expected this." Big Lurch has

worked with a number of artists. He was a member of the group Cosmic Slop Shop

and released an album in 1998, titled Da Family. Cosmic Slop Shop consisted

of Doonie Baby and platinum producer Rick Rock. He also recorded songs with

Mystikal, C-Bo, RBL Posse and Mac Dre.

Lurch is charged with one count of murder and

torture and is being held without bail. The DA hasn't decided if they are going

to seek the death penalty or not.