Rapper Tone Loc Collapses During Performance

(AllHipHop News) Concert goers at a Tone Loc show in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday left in shock after the 47-year-old rapper collapsed on stage during his performance.

Tone Loc was in the Hawkeye State as a part of the Saint Patrick's Day Bridge Bash, a show held on the Court Avenue Bridge that crosses the Des Moines River.

The Des Moines Register reports that Tone Loc finished performing a song and then fell to the stage. The Los Angeles born rapper was attended to for about five minutes. Concert organizers then shut down the show and asked attendees to leave the scene.

Tone Loc reportedly refused to be taken to a hospital. There has not been any further reports to the seriousness of Tone Loc's condition, but he has had health concerns in the past. He collapsed during a concert in Austin last year, in Atlanta in 2011, and in Pensacola Beach in 2009. He also fell out at Lakers game in 1995.

Tone Loc is best known for his 1980's hit singles "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina," and for being the second rap act to reach #1 on the Billboard Albums Chart with his double platinum debut LP Loc-ed After Dark (1989).

His famous raspy voice was featured in the animated movies Titan A.E. and BeBe Kids. He also appeared in the films Posse and Poetic Justice among others.

Watch footage of Tone Loc being attended to at Bridge Bash below.

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