Rapper Treach Starring In Anti-Gang Flick

AllHipHop Staff

Naughty by Nature group member Treach recently shot scenes for a new movie titled Think Twice, Little Gangsta.

According to New Jersey’s Herald News, Treach, Ruff Ryders Records’ President Walt Rogers and other local rappers participated in the film, which was also partially shot in Los Angeles.

In Think Twice Little Gangsta a gang is attempting to kill one of its own members.

The plan goes awry when they miss their mark during an anti-violence rally and instead, kill an innocent child.

The two-hour film is being directed by Jamie Bland.

A release date was not available as of press time.

Naughty By Nature is working on a new album titled Anthem, Inc.

“It’s all about when the album is done, to be honest with you,” producer DJ Kay Gee told AllHipHop.com about the album’s release date in a previous interview.