Rapper Vishiss Releases New Single

Detroit native, rapper and former star of the

canceled UPN show "Platinum," Vishiss recently released a new 12 inch

single on his own indie record label, Spit Records.

Vishiss, who was introduced to a national audience

as VersIS on the television show, explains that he was a rapper long before

the television show, falling in love with hip-hop as a rebellious teenager,

spending frequent trips in juvenile hall.

"The only thing I had was this little clock

radio,” Vishiss said. "I’d just lie there listening to it until

I fell asleep. They had a station playing old hiphop I fell in love with it.”

His love for hiphop has produced his latest single

"Battle Rhyme" b/w "Killin Spree." Another single is in

the works with Planet Asia, Phil Da Agony and DJ Revolution, that was produced

by Philly producer Chops

In regards to his previous life of trouble, Vishiss

said that he has long since matured and is ready to take the rap game on.

“I feel I’m past all that shit and

it’s my time now. I can conquer the whole world if I want to."

For more information check out http://www.vishiss.com