Rapper X-Raided Wants Johnnie Cochran

Rapper X-Raided, who is serving a 31 year prison

term for murder, is saving the proceeds from his albums in an attempt to hire

attorney Johnny Cochran.

X-Raided, born Anerae Brown, was convicted of

shooting community activist Patricia Harris, 42, in March of 1992, after he

and fellow gang members allegedly stormed her house seeking rivals. X-Raided

was one of the first rappers in the world to have his lyrics used against him

in court.

X-Raided has recorded 10 albums behind bars over

telephone lines. The combined sales of his albums have sold over 300,000 copies

and hopes that his earnings can help hire Johnny Cochran.

"Money speeds up everything," X-Raided

told the Los Angeles Times. "I want my albums to make enough to pay Johnnie

Cochran or an affiliate of his to help me. I just need to get my music out there.

I'll be the biggest story in hip-hop."

X-Raided's mother is the CEO of his Madman Records,

while X-Raided takes the title of consultant. This was done due to the California

Attorney General's office atempting to sue X-Raided. Under the Son Of Sam law,

the Attorney General wanted to seize the profits made by his recordings and

set them aside for the victim's family.

X-Raided's releases have drawn controversy over

the years and the rapper has often been accused of commiting murder to promote

his career. X-Raided maintains that he was there when Harris was murdered, but

that he was not the triggerman.

"I felt like the world was after me, because

at first the judge was not going to allow the evidence to be used, but the district

attorney, he found ways to get stuff into the trial," he told the Sacramento

Bee after his trial.