Rapper Xzibit Plans On Retiring After 10th Album To Focus On Label, Family


Los Angeles rap legend Xzibit recently revealed his plans for the future and his retirement from rapping.

by Mike Winslow News.

(AllHipHop News) According to X, he is planning on leaving rap after he finishes his 10th album.

Currently, Xzibit has released seven albums to date and he is in the studio preparing new material for his eighth album.

“I’m going to do three more projects and then I’m done rapping,” Xzibit said. “’I’ma do 10. At the end of what I’m doing right now, it’s gonna be 10 albums. Right now I’m on seven, so I got to do three more and then as a rapper, I will physically be done creating new albums.”

Xzibit said that even though he will physically retire from rap, he plans on releasing a new crop of artists through his record label, Open Bar Entertainment.

“I will continue to produce other artists continue Open Bar Entertainment, put out the new generation of Open Bar Entertainment and then just be satisfied with what I’ve done. Nobody told me when to start and no one is going tell me when to stop.”

Xzibit said his main motive for retirement is the fact that he is a new father, having two sons.

While Xzibit has not released an album since 2012’s Napalm, the rapper warned his competitors that he was still on point with his lyrics.

“You know I don’t play with it, you know I still got bars I will destroy your favorite rapper f##k what you think,” Xzibit said. “You know I continue to write on paper, I’m a purist and there’s something to be said for that. I’m not taking away anything from all the new rappers.”