Rapper Young Dolph Out Of Hospital After Shooting; Announces New Album

Memphis, Tennessee rapper Young Dolph is finally out of a Los Angeles hospital, and he shares a few words and an announcement.

(AllHipHop News) Memphis rapper Young Dolph has been released from the hospital after somebody tried to kill him last month in loss Angeles.

The rapper, born Adolph Thornton Jr., was shot several times after a scuffle near the valet area of the Loews Hollywood Hotel on September 26.

Dolph was struck several times, being wounded in the arm and the buttocks.

Shortly after the shooting, an associate of Yo Gotti‘s named Corey McClendon was arrested for the shooting.

McClendon, 43, was originally charged with attempted murder with bail set at $1 million, but he was released without any charges being filed after 48 hours.

Young Dolph returned to Instagram, to announce a new album titled Thinking Out Loud, which will be released on October 20.

He also had a message in a video that featured him being taken out of the hospital in a wheelchair.

The rapper then stood and issued a message before hopping into a waiting SUV.

“We out the motherf##king hospital jack. Y’all know what time it is. This s##t right here don’t stop. Shout out to Pac, shout out to Eazy-E, shout out to Biggie.”

“I got a $1 billion lawyer with me man, y’all know what’s up man.”

Big time lame!!!!

Dudes really need to grow up and leave that street stuff alone..

ALL Praise and Glory is Due to the Creator.

He just got popped and making threats on video lame. KRS-1 said real bad boys move in silence.


Poor kid. Biggie, Pac and Easy aren't great because they're dead and getting shot doesn't make you interesting. Plus he needs to fire that lawyer if this is the advice he's giving.