Rapper Young M.A. Flaunts Weight Loss

AllHipHop Staff

Young M.A. has a new attitude on health in the new year.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Young M.A. is 20 pounds lighter after cutting meat and liquor out of her diet.

The "Ooouuu" hitmaker took to Instagram to show off her new slim physique, revealing she wanted to change her life.

"To all my supporters that keep saying I lost weight... yes it was on purpose lol (laugh out loud) I've stop eating meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb...)," she writes. "I cut my liquor intake into "occasionally only"... I've been in the gym consistently... and I've been watching my calorie intake..."

The rapper admits she has wanted to change her lifestyle for a while, but had to do it her own way.

"In 2 months I've dropped 20 pounds..," she continues. "Always wanted to change my diet but wasn't mentally ready for it at first...

"Honestly, since I've changed my diet I've been less exhausted... I wake up with full energy... and also mentally I feel good... I just want to say to all my supporters if you are not happy with anything in your life you have the power to change it! Only you! I love you all! God bless! More music on the way btw (by the way)! Let's get it!"