Rapper Yung Berg Addresses Assault Video

AllHipHop Staff

Chicago rapper Yung Berg has responded to a shocking new video that hit the internet featuring the rapper engaged in a fight, where he was apparently assaulted.

Yesterday (September 28), a grainy video was released show showing the rapper and a dozen men engaged in a brawl on the street.

According to Yung Berg, the video is not new and was shot at least two years ago. The melee was caused due to a dispute with his former manager.

"I seen a lot of s**t in my life right. But that footage you saw earlier is some of the most wretched, swine, f**king whore footage I ever seen in my f**king life. How dare you fraud ass n***as put that out there, I knew it was coming personally because it was only 2 ½ years ago.”

Berg himself analyzed the footage, so that he could assess what went down.

“Punching me in the back of the head while I am talking to somebody else, that must be like some of the fraudest s**t I ever seen in my life.”

According to Yung Berg, he is looking to the future with his new projects and remaining humble, while putting his past incidents behind him.

“If you feel like you know me for this petty ass s**t that you be seeing on the blog sites and the internet, you know me for making hit motherf***ing records and that’s all I got to say. That s**t will never, ever happen again,” Yung Berg promised.

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