Rappers Blast Young Jeezy For Taking "Everything" For "I Ball, I Stunt" Ripoff

AllHipHop Staff

At least a pair of young rappers will be getting compensated.

(AllHipHop News) Young Jeezy's pockets are $100,000 lighter, thanks to a pair of producers from St. Louis.

Back in 2015, twin brothers Edaz and Edward Redden filed a lawsuit against Jeezy, claiming he stole his hit single "I Ball, I Stunt," after a producer handed him a demo version of the song.

The track, taken from Jeezy's 2011 mixtape "The Real Is Back," ended up becoming a hit for the Atlanta rapper, but the only problem is the twin brothers claimed Jeezy ripped them off, word for word.

In April, a judge sided with the twin brothers, who recently discussed the ordeal now that the legal proceedings are over.

“He took it word for word,” Edaz Redden said. “The whole title, he put a comma where we put a comma at. He took the whole title of the song, he took the hook, everything.”

Jeezy shouldn't have any issues paying the brothers, since he has made the Forbes Cash Kings in 2017, pulling in over X millions.

And his stake in Tequila Avion is reportedly worth tens-of-millions, thanks to the company being acquired.

Still, the brothers have a message for upcoming artists getting into the music business.

“Just get your stuff copyrighted,” Edward Redden said. “So that if anybody do take your stuff and you didn’t give them permission, you can get your money.”