Rappers, Celebs Prep New Branded Spirits


Up Brands, Inc. has announced various deals to produce wines and branded spirits

in conjunction with Hip-Hop stars and nationally known celebrities.The

three-year old company, headed by CEO David McCallen and president Vincent Viola,

will produce five branded products that are developed by various celebrities along

with leading vineyards, master blenders and world-class distillers.The

new brands include a sparkling wine (Black Rose) produced with Foxy Brown and

Jay-Z; a vodka (Storm) produced with DJ Clue; a Long Island iced tea (Gravity

Blue) produced with Don "Magic" Juan and a Mohito (MoMo) produced with

Ja Rule.Each

celebrity was intimately involved in the production of their beverage, choosing

the ingredients, valor, name, and glass packaging.Ten

different distributors, including Southern Wine and Spirits, Opici and Stoller,

will disperse the new spirits in over 17 different states.Straight

Up Brands is set to begin producing and adding the new product lines with additional

celebrity endorsements prior to the end of 2006, and continuing through 2007.