Rappers Get Down With Potato Chips

A variety of hip-hop artists have signed a deal

with King's Potato Chips to represent a variety of junk food aimed at the urban

community. Lil' Romeo, The Big Tymers, Mack 10, Mr. Cheeks, Ms. Toi, Bell Biv

DeVoe, Master P and Warren G are some that have signed on to represent snacks

like: Chumpies, Homegirls and Rap Snacks, a series of flavored potato chips.

"Potato chips aren't exactly ethnic, but

it's the way you package them and present them and the flavors that makes them

different. Everybody eats chips, so you might as well eat the ones that appeal

to your eyes and psyche," Glenn Weber, owner of King's Potato Chips, told

the AP. Based in Philadelphia, King's will market the rap snacks to entice the

"young, urban-minded people."

Weber will use the artists name and face to promote

the product to the inner city. For example, Weber has paired Mr. Cheeks with

Salsa Cheese, Ms. Toi with Sweeties, Bell Biv DeVoe with Back At The Ranch,

Master P with Platinum BBQ and Warren G with Nacho Cheezie to encourage purchases.

An 11-year old girl adds, "It's not just

plain, it's different," and that's what Weber is hoping will work towards

the success of his products.

Additionally, the majority of the rappers involved

with the snacks are on Universal Records, who thought this pairing would be

a great cross-promotional opportunity. "We jumped onboard because we thought

it was a good outlet to get our artists to their core audience," said Eve

Marsan, product manager at Universal Records. "They do that with everything

now ... cigarettes, alcohol. Why not snacks?" Marsan said to the Associated


Currently, King's Potato Chips distributes over

90,000 bags of Chumpies and Homegirls to Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Jersey,

with hopes of increasing sales with the addition of cheese curls and flavored