Rappers Invite Public To Join "Hip-Hop Unity" Call

A number of rappers will show their support for Unity in the South when Freeway Ricky Ross host’s “The Hip-Hop Unity Conference Call” tonight (December 7).

Freeway Ricky Ross was released from prison in September, after serving a total of 20 years in prison for dealing thousands of kilos of cocaine during the 1980’s, earning millions in illegal drug money.

Since his release, Freeway Ricky Ross has been on a speaking tour talking to children across the country about the ills of gang violence, drug culture and prison through his non-profit organization The Freeway Foundation.

Freeway Ricky Ross and his assistant Tiffany Davis have gathered some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop, who will take part on the conference call tonight.

''We all need to come together and stop being selfish, we need this positive movement and I am with it,' Davis told AllHipHop.com.

The purpose of the call is to resolve old issues, mediate any new issues and to foster a general sense of unity amongst the artists.

Former G Unit member Young Buck will participate on the call, along with artists like Blood Raw, Pastor Troy, Rasheeda, producer Zaytoven, Diamond, Lil Scrappy and hundreds of DJ’s, producers and radio personalities.

Turk, the incarcerated member of The Hot Boyz, will make a special call in from prison during the conference call.

“There are two influential people that are in the process of forming change and bring culture to the forefront through Unity, and that is Rick as a visionary and Turk as a soldier. The Hip-Hop Community needs to jump on and pay attention,” Turk’s manager Steve Williams told AllHipHop.com.

CTE artist Blood Raw took a cue from CTE CEO Young Jeezy, who recently squashed his violent beef with Gucci Mane.

Blood Raw was instrumental in fostering an attitude of unity between the artists, and helped organize the call with his road manager, Florida J.

Freeway Ricky Ross will host “The Hip-Hop Unity Conference Call” tonight at 6:00 PM.

Fans are encouraged to dial in by calling: 218.862.1300 pin # 961590.