Rappers Lyrics May Be Used Against Him In Court

A rapper in Montgomery County Pennsylvania who

is charged with drug trafficking may see his own lyrics used against him in

his drug trial, according to prosecutors. Karim Ali

Howard, 20, of Worcester, PA is being held on $125,000 bail. Earlier

this month, authorities seized cocaine, drug paraphernalia and over $90,000

from the house the rapper shared with his mother. Officials confiscated compact

discs and recordings by Howard, who told authorities his occupation was a rap


According to prosecutors, Howard raps on one

track: "I'm going to sell coke until you call me pope/do dirt until the

lord tries to stop me/It's gonna take hundreds of bullets just to drop me."

The prosecution feels that the lyrics on his

CD paint a vivid picture of Howard's reality-that he was a drug dealer. If the

rap lyrics are used against him in court, it could be a violation of his free

speech according to various watchdog groups.

This isn't the first time a rappers lyrics have

been used in court. C-BO was put behind bars for violating his probation because

his album Til My Casket Drops, allegedly promoted a gang lifestyle.