Rappers, Pioneers Featured In Doc On Famed Hip-Hop Photographer

Afrika Bambaataa, Public Enemy frontman Chuck D and rapper MC Lyte will be among those featured in a new documentary on Hip-Hop photographer Ernie Paniccioli.

The film, titled The Other Side of Hip-Hop-The Sixth Element, will chronicle Paniccioli's life, work, art, photography and struggles through the eyes of various Hip-Hop movers and shakers.

Additionally, the 90-minute documentary will include a brief history of Hip-Hop culture as well as appearances from Afrika Bambaataa and pioneering female rapper LinQue.

The Other Side of Hip-Hop is slated to be used as a teaching tool while being screened at world wide film festivals, church and college tours.

The film is the latest achievement for Paniccioli, who has used his photography to document Hip-Hop culture since the 1970s.

In 1992, the Brooklyn native entered the world of literature with his critically acclaimed book Who Shot Ya?-Three Decades of Hip-Hop Photography.

Over the years, Paniccioli has lectured in more than 100 venues, colleges and events, including a one hour forum on C-Span 2 called "Race and Hip-Hop."

His 2001 exhibition, "100 Shots To Tha Dome" is noted for being one of the largest one man photography shows in the history of New York City.

The Other Side of Hip-Hop-The Sixth Element hits stores in October.