Rappers Remember, Pay Homage To Pimp C

Exactly one year ago today (December 4) the Hip-Hop world was rocked by the sudden passing of Chad Butler, known worldwide as the cavalier Pimp C of the seminal Southern rap duo UGK.

The founder of UGK was found dead in a West Hollywood hotel after accidentally overdosing on codeine syrup.

An autopsy report confirmed that it was the combination of sleep apnea and the recreational syrup drug that proved lethal.

In his native Texas, Pimp C’s name and legacy continues to be an inspiration.

"I'm normally good with words but It took me a while just to put a three sentence quote together about him because there are no words to describe how much he meant to me and so many others,” Houston rapper Chamillionaire told AllHipHop.com. “It really seems like it was just yesterday that he was here and I still can't believe he's not. He is deeply missed an I know his legacy will live on forever."

Rapper Slim Thug credits his late predecessor with laying the difficult groundwork in the 80s and 90s that has culminated this decade with an explosion of Texas artists.

“A year has passed since the Pimp died and he is still missed everyday,” Slim said. “I hear him sampled on hooks and hear all the good music he made while alive and I know we will never forget what he did for Texas. Its UGK 4 life b*tch!”

Madd Hatta, host of The Box’s 97.9 Morning Show, is proud of Bun B and Pimp C’s wife Chinara Butler for valiantly upholding the rapper’s name.

But the host admits it is still hard to comprehend that Pimp C is actually gone.

“The city continues to feel the void of our fallen soldier. The colorful language, sayings, clothes, attitude and rhymes he gave us is missed so much,” Hatta explained to AllHipHop.com. “Bun B continues to keep the UGK name and the legacy of Pimp C, as well as Mama Pimp. It’s still a shock to think he hasn’t been with us for an entire year.”

On this day, Chinara Butler chose to frame her words directly to the spirit of her late husband, who she feels remains with her every day.

“To my husband and best friend words can never express how much you are missed and how much of a gap you left in the lives of family, friends, the industry and your fans!” Butler stated. “I don’t think I’m alone when I say I definitely miss you, speaking the real. You are loved and missed but your spirit and music will live on forever. The Trill is gone!”

In 2009 a final UGK and Pimp C solo album will be released, which represent the last work of the deceased rapper.

On December 29, Pimp C would have celebrated his 35th birthday.