Rappers Rule Ringtones This Year

Rappers Shop Boyz, Mims, Hurricane Chris and other Hip-Hop acts dominated AT&T’s list of best-selling ringtones for the year 2007.

According to AT&T ringtone sales data, nine out of the Top 10 best-selling ringtones for 2007 were by Hip-Hop artists, while Nickleback represented the only entry from the ailing genre of rock music.

Shop Boyz’ "Party Like a Rockstar" took the #1 position on the Ringtone chart. "Party Lie a Rockstar" is also the overall best selling Ringtone of 2007 the RIAA recently announced.

The single sold over 3.3 million units and was also Universal Music Group’s fastest mastertone to ever be certified platinum, reaching the million-ringtone milestone in six weeks of release.

"Ringtones continue to be one of the most popular entertainment features on wireless devices, whether they're hip-hop, alternative, classic rock, pop, Latin, country or even holiday tunes," said Mark Collins, vice president of Consumer Data for AT&T's wireless unit.

U.S. ringtone sales are expected to reach over $550 million dollars this year, while globally, mono and polyphonic ringtone revenues are expected to reach over $7 billion dollars in 2007.

Below is AT&T’s bestselling ringtones of 2007:

1. Shop Boyz - "Party Like a Rockstar"

2. Mims - "This Is Why I'm Hot"

3. Soulja Boy - "Crank That (Soulja Boy)"

4. Nickelback - "Rockstar"

5. Akon - "Don't Matter"

6. T-Pain - "Buy You A Drank (Shawty Snappin)"

7. Hurricane Chris - "A Bay Bay"

8. Sean Kingston - "Beautiful Girls"

9. Huey - "Pop, Lock & Drop It"

10. Fergie - "Big Girls Don't Cry"