Rappers Submit Work For Inspirational Book

Rappers David Banner, Slick Rick and Ras Kass

are among the celebrities that are entering their works for the sequel to the

best-selling book “The Right Words at The Right Time.”

Simon and Schuster and author Marlo Thomas, creators

of the inspirational book, are seeking submissions for the follow-up to the

original New York Times bestseller, which is a collection of short stories.

The first

book featured empowering words of wisdom from Venus Williams, Muhummad Ali,

Steven Spielberg, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jay Leno and others celebrities,

who share stories of advice that helped change their lives.

Thomas said that submissions can come from all

walks of life. Her credentials include a degree in teaching from the University

of Southern California, four Emmys Awards and she is a member of the Broadcasting

Hall of Fame,

“You don’t have to be a prizefighter,

or a world-renowned architect, or a concert violinist to have been affected

by the power of words, and to have experienced firsthand, how those words can

change life in an eye blink,”

Thomas said.

Proceeds from the sales of the book will go to

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which was founded by Thomas’ father

in 1962.

St. Jude provides care for children all over

the world who suffer from catastrophic illness, regardless of a family's ability

to pay.

The stories (550 - 1500 words) can be submitted

through the contest web site or can be sent in by mail.

The deadline for submissions in May 16. For more

details visit www.rightwordsbooks.com.