Rappers Take On Prison Industry

Raptivism Records

is preparing to release the second installment of their groundbreaking series,

No More Prisons.

The album is the

follow up to 1999's debut, which features a variety of artists rhyming about

the burgeoning prison industry, one of the fastest growing private sectors of

business in the U.S.

The latest installment

of the series features David Banner & Kamikaze, Mystic, The Coup, dead prez,

Saigon, Zion I, Self Scientific, Krumbsnatcha, Grandmaster Caz, Akbar, Chubb

Rock and Shabaam Sahdeeq, who is currently serving two years in prison.

"This lets

me tell my story and speak on the bigger issue of injustice in this system,"

Sahdeeq said. "I’m living proof, and No More Prisons is my

mouthpiece until my release next year!”

The first installment

of the critically acclaimed project sold over 25,000 units world-wide.

"No More

Prisons 2 is the sequel intended to let people know the work isn't done.

This project is more than just hot beats and lyrics. This project is Raptivism,"

added Vincent Merry-President of Raptivism Records.

Profits from the

album will be donated to The Prison Moratorium Project, a New York based non-profit

organization aimed at fighting prison expansion and creating awareness of the

prison-industrial complex industry.

“We wanted

to be a part of this project because folks need to wake up to the reality of

exploitation in America," Zion of Zion I said. "The prison-industrial

complex is the fastest growing business in our country...and that's a damn shame.

Brothers is wasting they lives away working for free, not able to fulfill their

God given potential. As MC's, its our duty to speak to the needs of the community.

This record is essential to survival."