Rappers Talk About Their Rides At Dub Car Show

DUB Magazine hosted

a successful event last week, one of their many of their Super Series Celebrity

Car Shows and Concerts.

A slew of people

turned out to Race Way Park in Englishtown, New Jersey along with an array of

celebrities. Among those were model/rapper Gloria Velez, B.E.T.'s Big Tigger

and Hot 97’s DJ Envy, who provided music.

Noted Celebrities

such as NBA stars Shaquille O’Neal and Latrell Sprewell as well as rapper

Busta Rhymes loaned their cars for this event.

Also showcased

were the chromed out cars of those amongst the general public.

"I drive a

BMW X5," Gloria Velez joked. "Jay Z said, ‘The baby momma supposed

to drive the X5.’”

DJ Envy boasted

about his collection of cars asking Allhiphop, "What day?" He later

fessed up to driving a Range Rover.

Bad Boy rapper

Loon kicked off the concert. When asked what he was driving he said: "I'm

blessed. Right now, I love my selfish mobile, the 350Z. But, I'm really gonna

narrow it down soon to like one car. Maybe a Suburban or something. I'm a dead

it out like one of those old Scooby Doo vans with the 20's on the outside but

real plush on the inside."

The Clipse followed

with a performance of their hit "Grindin" and a special appearance

by fellow label mate Famlay, who drives a motorcycle.

Pusha T (XL 500),

one half of the Clipse explains, "The Clipse got caught up in that whole

merger situation that was going on between the labels but we just doing our

thing man. The new album drops some time this winter."

The twin sisters

in the duo Nina Sky are too young to drive, but they treated the crowd with

a melody of Spanish Reggae tunes.

Fat Joe and the

Terror Squad rounded out the night with a Playlist like performance of past

and present Terror Squad hits including the Terror Squads latest street anthem

“Lean Back.”

An ode to Big Pun,

Notorious B.I.G, Freaky Ty, Big L and Tupac crowned their performance.

When asked what

kind of car he drove Fat Joe responded with two words: "A Phantom."