Rappers Team To Create Pro-Voting PSA

The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network has partnered with one of the largest online ad networks in the world, to create a one of a kind public service announcement, inspiring young people to register and vote during the upcoming presidential election.

On July 9, CPX Interactive and the HSAN will launch the Vote For It ’08 campaign, with the online release of a powerful new video PSA.

“While the youth vote increased dramatically during this season’s primaries, there are still 44 million young people unregistered in the United States,” noted Valeisha Butterfield, Executive Director of HSAN. “The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network is pleased to join CPX Interactive for the anticipated launch of the Voteforit! ‘08 PSA. Like CPX, HSAN’s mission to take back the vote resonates loud and clear in the PSA. We are confident that our partnership will help to narrow this margin.”

The video, featuring Russell Simmons, Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J, Ciara, T.I., Doug E. Fresh, Jim Jones and a host of others, will initially be available only via YouTube and the campaign’s official website www.voteforit08.org.

In August, the PSA will become a nationally-televised campaign, as Time Warner Cable has confirmed plans to run the video across its network of channels, including MTV and BET.

The Voteforit! ’08 campaign is hoping to continue a positive trend in the voting habits of young people.

According to Civicyouth.org, between the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections, youth voter turnout more than doubled.

Since the Hip-Hop generation’s 18-29 year olds stand to represent one third of the electorate this year, standing at nearly 50 million strong, the Voteforit08.org website aims to provide these youngsters with the proper tools to make sure their voices are heard.

In addition to information and directions on how and where to register in each state, visitors to the Voteforit08 website can also obtain information with getting involved with the campaign itself.