Rappers To Be Featured In New Showtime Reality Show

Showtime will premiere

a six part reality series this fall titled "Interscope Presents: "The Next,"

which producers say is a reality version of the rap contests in the movie "8


The show will

follow the trials and tribulations of upcoming rappers across America as

they pursue their dreams of hip-hop stardom.

"The show

paints a picture of what countless kids across America are trying to do right

now - become successful in rap music," said Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Interscope

Geffen A&M.

"You hear

it in hip-hop all the time - lyrics about the way an artist struggles to make

it, about the way their lives were before they had a record deal. 'The Next'

is actually going to show it to you. Every step of the way."

Iovine and Eminem's

manager Paul Rosenberg are amongst the executive producers of the show.

"Jimmy Iovine

is the undisputed czar of hip hop, and we are thrilled to be in business with

him and Interscope," Robert Greenblatt, Showtime's new President of Entertainment,


"The freedom

of premium cable television will allow us to depict this world as real and uncensored

as possible. It will be exciting to discover America's next top MC."

In addition to

chronicling the aspiring artists, the show will feature famed rappers telling

the hip-hop history of their respective cities.

50 Cent, Joe Budden,

Wyclef, Clipse, Big Tigger, Nate Dogg, Bonecrusher, Gang Starr and Loon are

all featured.