Rappin 4' Tay Concert Canceled Over Gang Fears

A planned concert

featuring Rappin’ 4 Tay at a recreation center was canceled at the request

of local police.

Rappin’ 4

Tay was scheduled for a 30 minute performance at the Manteca Community Gym tonight

(October 8th) for sixth through eighth graders.

The rapper agreed

to not use profanity and tone his performance down, but police feared his appearance

would incite gang violence.

"This cancellation

of Rappin' 4 Tay's appearance is necessary in context of the recent increase

in gang-related problems in Manteca," Steve Houx, Parks and Recreation

Director told the Manteca Bulletin newspaper. "There is the potential for

this style of music to attract those who are into the gangster lifestyle. In

the interest of the safety of the youth at the dance and in the community, it

is not prudent at this time to conduct an event that may attract gang members

to Manteca or this event. This cancellation is not a direct reflection upon

the artist himself or his music."

The Parks and Recreation

Department said they received two complaints about his appearance, while police

said they received a large number of complaints about 4 Tay’s appearance.

Manteca Police

said their concerns were based upon the growing gang problem. Last weekend alone,

they responded to five gang fights and a stabbing.