Rapping Judge Dumps Lawsuit Against Eminem

A $1 million defamation lawsuit against Eminem has been dismissed by a judge in Michigan.DeAngelo Bailey claimed that Eminem slandered him on 1999's "Brain Damage," which was featured on The Slim Shady LP. In the song, Em accused Bailey of being a bully who beat him bloody as a child.In the most surprising event, Judge Deborah Servitto added her own 10 stanza rhyme, which read in part : "It is therefore this Court's ultimate position/that Eminem is entitled to summary disposition...stories no one would take as fact/they're an exaggeration of a childish act."Bailey's attorney alluded to an appeal of the verdict and said he was surprised that the judge included her own rap in the said he wasn't sure how an appeals court would view the Judge's rhyme.