Rapsheet Founder To Release Book On L.A. Riots

The Los Angeles Riots:

Three Decades of Revolution , a factual collection of essays, will be released

on April 29, 2002--the 10th anniversary of 1992 acquittal and rioting, with

the aim of creating a unique oral history of experience and viewpoints on civil

unrest. Two decades earlier Watts had burned with the rage of a people stifled.

What were the deeper causes, and against whom was a city striking out in anger?

Darryl James, publisher of Rap Sheet (the world’s

first hip hop newspaper) and founder of Tenacious Books (cutting edge paperback

publisher) is calling for personal statements in the form of essays on the ’92

LA Riots, asking for reflections on the conditions that gave birth to one of

the most violent outbreaks of domestic civil unrest in recent history--The LA

Riots of 1992.

For more information or to submit an account

of the riots for consideration by the publishers, visit www.rapsheet.com.