Ras Kass: A Fugitive From The Law?

Sources at Capitol/Priority Records have confirmed that Carson, CA rapper Ras Kass is a fugitive from the law. Ras, whose government name is John Austin III, didn’t appear for sentencing in Los Angeles over a month ago. The rapper was supposed to be sentenced for a third DUI conviction, and begin serving the state mandatory nine months of time.

“We aren’t able to completely comment it at this time, however that is what we understand to be true,” one source at Priority said.

In lieu of turning himself in, it’s been rumored by sources at contrabandit.com that Ras is currently in the Big Apple. This matter should further push back the rapper’s next album, Golden Chyld. The rapper’s previous CD, Van Gogh, was shelved permanently after massive bootlegging and other hindrances hindered it.