Ras Kass Officially Off Capitol Records

West Coast MC Ras Kass has officially been released from Capitol Records as of yesterday (October 11th).

The rapper, who has made his grievances with Capitol public since 2006, has finally reached an agreement with the recording label to be released under undisclosed terms.

Ras Kass is however, free to seek out deals with other labels.

"I am just relieved and thankful to my management team, all the magazines that showed me love since this started and everyone that showed their support for me over these past few years." Ras Kass said in a statement. "Now I am anxious to finally be able to pursue my passion, spread my wings and remind the world why Ras Kass is one of the greatest MCs of all time, dead or alive!"

Ras Kass was originally signed with Priority Records through a deal with Patchwerk Records.

The deal led to the release of Ras Kass' critically acclaimed albums Soul on Ice and Rasassination.

After much success, Ras Kass then re-signed directly with Priority Records in 2001 for the release of Van Gogh, which was placed on hold due to the merger between Priority and Capitol.

After bitter legal and verbal disputes, two shelved projects and an incarceration, Ras Kass seemed unlikely to put out any future projects with Capitol and in May of 2004, filed a Lawsuit against the record label for Breach of Contract among other things.

In August 2004, Capitol/EMI filed a lawsuit against Ras Kass, alleging federal copyright infringement, due to Ras Kass' release of a mixtape entitled Re-Up, for which Capitol/EMI obtained a default judgment against the California bred MC.

Ras Kass is scheduled to perform on the 2007 BET Hip Hop Awards on Saturday, October 13 in the Cypher Segment.