Ras Kass, The Game Fight In Los Angeles Nightclub

West coast rappers Ras Kass and The Game squared off in a physical confrontation last night (Sept. 14) at a Los Angeles club.

Ras Kass is on a nationwide tour with Rakim and Kid Capri.

Both of the internationally respected West coast rappers were in club Element, when Game confronted Ras Kass over the lyrics to the song "Caution," a song Ras Kass recorded over a year ago.

Get a thousand tattoos and won't raise ya gun / so when you get merked I'ma raise ya son /

The lyrics to the song sparked the confrontation between the two men.

"The ni**a tried to jump me 30 to 2, yet I'm alive and chillin' my sweater is still white and all my jewelry intact," Ras Kass told AllHipHop.com in a statement. "Game is a 'Change of Heart,' stripping, fake-ass blood who sold some records riding Dr Dre's shirt tails. I guess he thought this would help him sell some more records. I was so unfazed by it all that I went up to his car afterwards and challenged him right there. Game is no match for me physically or lyrically."

Game told AllHipHop.com that he never had a problem with Ras Kass until the rapper dissed him on the track.

He also disputed Ras Kass' account of the confrontation.

"Aint nobody hit that dude but me, he's crazy talking about 30 people," Game told AllHipHop.com. "I never had beef and never met Ras Kass, unless it was a quick exhange saying hello. He talked about my son by name. You can say what you want about me, but what does my son got to do with it? I seen the n***a in the club. I walked up to him in the club and it was my mans birthday, so I didn't want to mess up his party. When the lights came on, at the end I asked him about the freestyle. He said it wasn't nothing, but he started in on that 'it's whatever I'm Ras Kass and punched him in the face before he could finish."

According to representatives for Ras Kass, he has no intentions on continuing the feud.

"He can sell records on his own dime," Ras Kass said alluding to Game's upcoming album The Doctor's Advocate.

"I don't benefit me to mess with these kinds of small cats," Game said, adding that he would not be responding to Ras Kass lyrically either.

"Ras Kass' career is over," Game said. "I ended it with that one punch last night."

The Doctors Advocate was scheduled to hit stores Nov. 7, but the album release date has been pushed back one week, until Nov. 14.