Rawkus Celebrates The Lyricist Lounge


Tuesday November 28 Rawkus Records

celebrated the release of Lyricist Lounge Volume 2 with

a gang of industry people, artists and well wishers at Club Ohm

in Manhattan. Notables like MTV's Tek Money, Diamond D, mr. saturday

and DJ Massey of The Outfit, The Beatminerz, Jigsaw, Rockwilder

and Capone of CNN were in house to enjoy the gala.

The party climaxed with performances

from several artists affiliated with the project. Firmly in control

of the crowd, The Coco Brovas performed several songs like "Bucktown,"

"Super Brooklyn, " "Won on Won" and "Get

Up," which is featured on the Lyricist Lounge album. Buckshot

sprang on stage during the show to perform "How Many MC’s"

to the glee of the crowd.

West Coast crooner, Nate Dogg,

joined Rawkus artists Mos Def and Pharaoh Monch for a live rendition

of "Oh No," the album’s first single. After the

trio finished, Mos Def and Pharaoh Monch continued to freestyle

back and forth finally creating a single song that combined Mos’

song "Ms. Fat Booty" with Monch’s "The Light."

Other performers like Punch-n-Words

of the MTV Lyricist Lounge Television show, Bad Seed and Afu Ra

were also well received from the party populace. Lyricist Lounge

Show member Master Fuol, acting similar to a young Old Dirty Bastard,

spat a fierce freestyle but eventually had to be helped off stage

after shouting, "Brownsville, Brooklyn" excessively.