Rawkus In Negotiation With Priority


Records is in the process

of trying to land a P&D deal with Los Angeles based Priority

Records. The deal would give Rawkus a bigger audience. Most people

don't know that Rawkus Records is backed by none other than the

billion dollar conglomerate News Corporation, which also happens

to own the Fox TV Network, among other media interests. The deal

is messy. Mos Def has a label of his own through MCA. MCA won't

release anything unless he has Kweli with him Rawkus won't get

their deal unless Mos and Kweli give up another album. Each act

owes Rawkus separate albums still. Headaches indeed. I caught

the tail end of Mos Def's manager, and the owners of Rawkus the

other day, when I stopped into their Broadway office. We will

keep you posted!