Ray Benzino Scott Arrested

Ray Scott, member

of the Boston rap group Made Men,

has publicly made it clear that he is a co-owner of The Source

Magazine. Scott, who raps using the moniker "Ray Benzino,"

was busted Tuesday, the day after most of the Hip-Hop crowd had

left the Miami Beach area.

Benzino, who is 36,

performed at the Source Awards. Tuesday he was arrested on charges

that included reckless driving, battery on a law enforcement officer,

resisting arrest with violence, driving with a suspended license

and possession of marijuana. "We did a little check on his

driving record and we pulled up a four-page litany of charges

that really speak of an atrocious driving record. He has been

classified as a habitual traffic offender," Barreto said.

Police representatives

are now saying that after the arrest, Source CEO David Mays tried

to pressure them to drop the charges against Scott.

``When he saw we weren't

budging, he started making threats, saying they were going to

tear up the city this weekend, call the NAACP and Jesse Jackson,''

said Detective George Navarro.

According to the official

police reports, a motorcycle officer stopped Scott's Ferrari after

clocking his vehicle at 64 mph in a 30 mph zone.

Police say Scott told

the police he was CO-owner of The Source Magazine and started

using profanity. When officer Officer Robert Silvagni ordered

him out of the car, Benzino punched and kicked Silvagni as the

officer physically tried to remove him from the car. Silvagni

called for backup and took Benzino and passenger Curtis Williams

into custody. Benzino was released Wednesday on $32,000 bond.

At the time of the

arrest, David Mays was supposed to be at a press conference addressing

the stabbing that took place outside of Club Level, after The

Source Awards. The incident was not related to the Awards and

local authorities suspect that the incident stemmed from local


While this is the

official police report, Benzino and others are singing a different

tune. While acknowledging he was driving without a suspended license,

Benzino claims that there was no initial reason that the officer

pulled him over, other than the fact that he is young and black,

and that he was driving a ferrari. According to Benzino, the officer

asked him to step out of the car, and when he questioned the officer

as to why he was being stopped, the officer verbally abused him.

Benzino, who claims that he had both hands on the steering wheel,

was punched in the jaw by the officer, who called for back up.

By the time other officers arrived, Benzino was subdued. While

all of this was taking place, Williams, who was the passenger,

called David Mays' cell phone. While Mays didn't answer, his voicemail

did. Williams left his phone on while the alleged beating took

place, and it was all recorded on Mays' voicemail, which will

be made public shortly.

Benzino was handcuffed

and placed in the Miami Beach Police Department basement for 5

hours, before receiving proper medical attention. "Some of

the police were mad that they had to subjugate themselves to the

FOI (Fruit Of Islam, a security force)," Minister Benjamin

Chavis Muhammad told allhiphop.com. The Minister is helping Scott

and Williams, who both have sought legal representation. "There

were no problems. This is why we established the Hip-Hop Summit

Network. We knew we were going to be victimized," Muhammad

said. "As Hip-Hop grows and the impact begins to alter what

is normally called the mainstream of America, its going to draw

certain attention and praise from certain sectors, but its also

going to draw the vicious attacks of those that don't want it

to emerge, because they fear the rise of the truth."