Ray J's Manager Slams Lawsuit Over Scooter Business

It looks like Ray J is heading to court in a $30 million dollar battle over scooters.

(AllHipHop News) Singer and reality TV regular Ray J is slamming allegations he stole the idea for a scooter business, insisting he came up with the concept on his own.

Jean Paul is suing the One Wish star for $30 million, claiming they discussed launching an electric scooter bike business in 2015 and Ray J offered to become an investor and celebrity endorser.

However, Paul claims Ray J went on to start a competing scooter business without him and he is now suing him, according to TMZ.

In November, the 36-year-old signed a $31 million wholesale deal for his electric transportation company, Raycon.

Ray J's company, famous for the Scoot-E-Bike, was formed the same year Paul claims he talked to the singer about launching their brand together.

And Ray J's manager David Weintraub insists the company is independently owned by the singer and there were never any agreements made with Paul.