Ready To Rumble: Battle Rapper DNA Accepts Meek Mill’s Bar-for-Bar Challenge

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) Ultimate Rap League (URL) battle rapper DNA has accepted Meek Mill’s challenge to a rap battle through a recent YouTube video.

In the video, which was released on Tuesday (October 9), the self-proclaimed “Get him the f*ck out of here” battle rapper addressed the battle challenge by watching a few minutes of the Meek Mill vs. Nagos' battle, and pointing out how Mill’s approach to a battle is too outdated for field of battle rap today.

“Your music is fire but bro, in 2012, that type of battling is not going to work with me at all,” said DNA, who has been viewed over one million times on YouTube, spitting powerful punch-lines and fast-flowing freestyles against current King of the Dot champion (and victor over Canibus), Dizaster. “I done battled some of the best competition in the world, so it’s nothing for me jump in the ring with Meek and we can get it on.”

Mill tweeted this past Sunday about his desire to battle a seasoned battle rapper after watching URL’s DNA vs. E. Ness battle, which took place during their Summer Madness 2 event at New York City’s Webster’s Hall. The Maybach Music Group MC went on to boast that he wouldn’t even have to write for the lyrical bout, since he’s had a near perfect record battling on the streets Philadelphia since he was 14 years old.

Tweeted Mill, “I just feel like taking over..... that funny s__t ain't gone out beat these flows and real s__t! And I ain't gone write s__t! Lets get it!”

Only time will tell if the former battle rapper and now MMG breakout star will actually meet the URL contender in the ring.

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