Record Label Debates Release Of Trina Single

A debate is brewing at Atlantic Records over a new

Trina record, that features the rapper detailing the size of her male counterparts


On the song "Big Ol' D*ck," the Miami

bred bad girl calls out various rappers based on the size of their nether regions.

The song has been compared to LL Cool J's hit

song "Big Ol' Butt," which was a hit record and video for Def Jam

in the early 1990's.

"You hear all this sh*t on the radio anyway

but just from men," a source told "It's going to be

interesting to see what rappers worry if she's talking about them. Most of the

pressure to not use this song as a single is coming from the higher-ups and

the legal department."

The song is featured on Trina's upcoming effort,

The Glamorest Life.

Broadcasting standards have recently been relaxed

by the FCC, after U2 frontman Bono dropped the F word on live television.

Sources stated that the album was raunchy, even

by Trina's standards.

The Glamorest Life features guest appearances

by G-Unit, Trick Daddy, Just Blaze, Kanye West, Jazzy Pha and others.

The album is scheduled to hit stores May 18.