Red Bull Big Tune Crowns Beat Champ, Just Blaze/Alchemist Battle

AllHipHop Staff

On Tuesday (November 3) in Atlanta, Red Bull crowned their 2009 national Big Tune champion after a beat battle featuring 16 talented producers from around the country.

The finalists were last year’s runner-up and 3 year veteran Frank Dukes, and New Orleans’ Hannibal the Beat Animal.

Throughout the night, Hannibal was the crowd favorite courtesy of a Hannibal Lecter inspired mask, and acting out his beats on stage.

For example, when the eccentric beatmaker showcased a Nintendo Punchout sampling track, he ran to stage center and began the Lil Mac jogging routine seen in the 8-Bit classic.

In the end, it was Dukes’ low end bass sound that won out over the theatrics, which entitles the fledgling producer to a collaboration with an A-list emcee of his choice.

Last year’s winner, C-Sick, selected Nas and created the track “Film” which hit the net several months ago.

“It would be really cool to chop it up with guys on that level. In my session, I’ll try to push forward and hopefully it will stand the test of time. That’s my goal,” Dukes explained afterward. “Yeah for awhile it seemed like people was caught up in the theatrics of Hannibal, but I’m happy to have won with my skill and nothing else.”

One of the highlights of the show was the Just Blaze/Alchemist battle, where both producers traded their best released and unreleased beats back and forth with crowd response determining the winner.

Alchemist held his ground and enthralled Tri-State area transplants with hard tracks like “Surgical Gloves,” “Backwards,” and “The Realest.”

However, Just Blaze took the friendly contest with his assortment of orchestral songs that translate well in club atmospheres such as “Breathe,” “U Don’t Know,” “What We Do,” “Hovi Baby,” and “I Really Mean It.”

Afterward, Just stated it was important for established and upcoming producers to put egos aside to inspire and develop ideas amongst each other.

“It’s good for them to be able to pick our brains and it helps us hear new talent and keep us on our toes,” Just Blaze explained.

In addition to the Blaze/Alchemist set, Atlanta fans were treated to an even battle between production duo Tha Bizness and Denaun Porter, along with a 20 minute concert set from Jadakiss.