Redman And Method Man Starring In New Films

Def Jam, Paramount and MTV Films are banding

together to create an untitled military comedy for Method Man and Redman. The

story follows the misadventures of the two, after they join the military and

become involved in a covert operation overseas.

The duo have several films in the works. After

starring in the modestly successful "How High" together last year,

the duo are playing drug cops in an untitled film. They will also star in a

comedy "Ghetto Inc.," which is about three best friends who form a

rap label as their escape route from the ghetto. Method Man was also cast in

Eddie Griffin's latest comedy, "My Baby's Mama."

"Def Jam has always believed that we are

a lifestyle company," Lyor Cohen, Chairman of Island Def Jam Music Group

told "We aren't just a record company. We are getting into

films, games, television and seeking additional ways to make money. This should

not be a surprise to anyone."

Cohen recently teamed with a HP Media, product

placement company to explore the idea of rappers exploiting their fame to make

additional income. "You think Ja Rule would have rapped about Izod if I

said this little alligator is going to pay you some scrilla and help you with

the video that you have to pay for? I think he would have.” Cohen said.

The banding together of these marketing companies

may create new opportunities in cross-promotions.

"We will continue our efforts towards the

browing of America through music, comedy, poetry and film," Def Jam president

Kevin Liles told "Red and Meth truly are the 2000's Cheech

and Chong."