Redman And Method Man To Star In 2nd Movie


& Method Man, who starred in Universal's surprise 2001 hit "How High"

will star in their 2nd movie together. In the new untitled film, the duo will

star undercover DEA Agents attempting to break a drug ring. Despite published

reports, Native Pictures' James Ellis confirmed with Ellis produced

the original "How High," which grossed over $33 million dollars on

a budget of $12 million.

In "How High," Redman's character Jamal

went on to marry the President's daughter and later became a DEA investigator.

While the movie has similarities in the plot, Native Pictures' James Ellis confirmed

with that the movie is not a sequel.

The film, which will be an action/comedy, is

being written by Don Scott, who rewrote the screenplay for the soon to be released

"Barbershop," which stars Ice Cube and Eve.