Redman Busted In Norway Airport

Redman was busted with marijuana at Oslo’s airport in Norway this week. The Jersey bred rapper was arriving from on a flight from Amsterdam, where marijuana is legal, when dogs trained to sniff for the drugs, honed in on him.The rapper has been touring Europe for some months now and was slated to perform in front of a sold out audience at the Rockefeller nightclub in Oslo.The amount that the rapper was carrying violated local laws, which tolerate small amounts for personal use.Promoters of the event and Redman’s lawyers spent almost six hours wrangling with authorities to expedite his release, so that he could perform.Authorities finally released the frustrated rapper, saying that they realized he wasn’t attempting to smuggle the drugs and that the cancellation of the show could cause more serious problems.When he took the stage, the rapper blasted Norwegian police about his treatment, claiming the amount of marijuana he had did not violate laws.