Redman's Adidas Shoe & T-Shirt Set

AllHipHop Staff

Ahhhhh..this one is bitter sweet.

Adidas has created a limited edition line of clothing for one of Hip-Hop's favorites - Redman. The line is actually a part of a year-long celebration of Def Jam Record's 25th Anniversary.

For the anniversary, the clothing brand has manufactured a number of items for acts like Young Jeezy and others, as well as the label itself.

Redman has stomped around Hip-Hop since his first LP, Whut? Thee Album, hit on September 22, 1992 and these kicks and t-shirts pay homage to that classic work of art. The artwork on the album cover (seen above) consisted of an aggressive motif that included simulated blood splatter. The shoe is reflective of that enduring 90's image and the music that went along with it.

As for the bittersweet part? I just wish these came out 1992-93. Haha!

Toast to Redman! Now, peep the legacy as seen by adidas.

Whut? Thee Album

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