Reebok Pushes Up S.Carter Sneak Release Date

Reebok and Jay-Z have paired up again for the second

installment of the S.Carter Collection by RBK, which will feature the S.Carter

II and the S.Carter Tennis, the sneaker giant announced yesterday.

After a successful launch of the signature shoe

last year, it was an easy decision for Reebok to partner with the retiring rapper

for a second time. The RBK line, led by the S.Carter, increased its sales by

48 percent in 2003.

"We dreamed about doing it, put a plan together,

we made the shoe and now it's really happening," Jay-Z told

last year after his sneaker broke sales records.

The S.Carter II will retail for $100 and be available

later this month. Due to high demand-and the start of the summer season-Reebok

moved up the launch date for the sneaker from June 11th to May 28th. The sneaker

will be available in both men and women's styles

At a slightly lower price of $80, the S.Carter

Tennis will arrive stores June 18th.