Reformed Drug Kingpin Frank Lucas To Launch Non-Violence Tour

Infamous 1970s drug kingpin Frank Lucas will attempt to redeem himself from past sins, by enacting a 20-city U.S. tour speaking out against violence.According to the New York Post, an anonymous insider of Lucas’ camp revealed the tour will focus on students and emphasize the importance of education over street life.“Frank Sr. will be talking to students about how they should get grades, not guns, and not follow in his footsteps,” the anonymous source explained. “There will also be gun drops for illegal handguns that he and his son are setting up.”Frank Lucas is credited with breaking La Cosa Nostra’s (Italian Mafia) dominance of the heroin market in black communities by establishing direct contact with suppliers in Southeast Asia. From there, Lucas’ organization would smuggle in the drugs through rigged government coffins sent over for soldiers killed in the Vietnam War.At his apex in the early 1970s, authorities allege Lucas’ criminal empire generated up to $1 million dollars per day smuggling heroin.He was convicted in 1975 and sentenced to 70 years in prison.To reduce his sentence Lucas entered the witness protection program in 1977, and provided evidence that lead to over 100 drug related convictions.After years in obscurity, Lucas burst back into public consciousness with last year’s American Gangster, the blockbuster biopic film starring Oscar winners Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.In addition, mogul Jay-Z further entrenched Lucas’ exploits in Hip-Hop culture through his concept album American Gangster, which chronicled the movie version of Lucas’ life as an unofficial soundtrack.At press time, Lucas has not announced the locations or dates for the non-violence tour.