Remy Ma Beats Brittney Taylor In Assault Case

AllHipHop Staff

Remy Ma just defeated Brittney Taylor in court after she was accused of punching her "Love & Hip Hop" co-star in the face.

(AllHipHop News) Bronx rap star Remy Ma is in the clear over a claim she beat up "Love & Hip Hop" co-star Brittany Taylor.

Remy Ma was hit with four different charges after she was accused of punching Brittany in the face during the Pretty Lou Birthday Charity Concert at Irving Plaza on April 16.

Remy denied the charges all along, and even stated she was comfortably sitting home at the time of the alleged assault.

A judge agreed with the rap star, and today (December 2nd), all of the charges were dismissed against Remy.

Remy's lawyer Dawn Florio completely trashed Brittany in the wake the ruling and hinted at a forthcoming lawsuit.

"Remy has always maintained her complete innocence as she never laid a hand on her celebrity-obsessed, clout chasing, credibility challenged accuser. Unfortunately, these manufactured allegations caused my client to suffer the indignities of having to wear an ankle monitor while having her freedom limited by travel restrictions and an 8:00 PM curfew," Florio, told TMZ.

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Congratulations to Remy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!