Remy Ma Faces Backlash For Comparing Sexual Assault Compensation To "Prostitution"

AllHipHop Staff

Remy Ma landed in some hot water last week when she made some comments about sexual assault survivors who sue for money.

(AllHipHop News) Remy Ma has raised eyebrows by equating sexual assault victims seeking financial damages to prostitutes.

The 39-year-old rapper made the provocative remarks during an appearance on "State of the Culture" earlier this week when the panel addressed the sexual assault allegations being made against NFL player Antonio Brown.

Reflecting on the accusations, the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star questioned why rape victims seek financial gain, explaining: "If you rape my sister, my daughter, my anything...I don't want your money. Worst case scenario, I want something to happen to you so that you're removed from being able to do this to someone else."

Attorney Eboni K. Williams, who was also part of the conversation, explained that "some people feel like that's the compensation that they want."

But Remy continued: "That's called prostitution. It seems like in a lot of these alleged sexual assault cases the women are asking for money. 'Hey give me money and I'll feel better.' To me, in any exchange with sexual acts of being compensated with money, that's prostitution."

Retired rapper Joe Budden hit back, insisting: "You have to agree to the sex for it to be prostitution," while producer Brandon 'Jinx' Jenkins - both members of the panel - called Remy's remark a "gross simplification."

Following Remy's comments, people took to social media in their hordes to slam her for the ill-informed comments, with one writing: "Dear Remy Ma, You sat comfortably on a couch, at your big age & said when rape victims, sue their abusers for money, it's prostitution? Nah, it's restitution! How disgusting & ill informed of you!"

Another added: "Remy Ma said if anything happens to you sexually and you get money for it, you're a sex worker...even in rape... Remy Ma suffers from misogyny... it's really gross."

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She could have worded it differently, but I get where Remy is coming from. Why compensation over prosecution in any case? When should the rich rapist proposal of "If you don't press charges I'll break bread" be acceptable? I don't know how it feels to be raped or be a female, but I couldn't imagine wanting a single penny from my attacker. Accepting the money is like okaying the behavior to me.

Numbers Advocate
Numbers Advocate

One must understand the difference between rape issues, prostitution via human trafficking and/or escorting. Let us stop being critical over someone's personal analysis and judgement. Throughout slavery and up until the present time, our society has always and {incessantly} been about money, drugs and the abuse of the black women.

In context, the specific issue discussed fell into Remy's judgement. That's all! My opinion here is through the operation of slavery and the lack of retribution, healing and resolve upon the black genetic gene bank which today is translated into egregious behaviors and prostitution.

Think about it this way, in the context of the above since black women, queen-earth-producer of life have not been healed through slavery abuses upon their femininity, well being, Sovereignty and or fake "citizenship" then the 3/5 rule makes Remy is correct.

EXAMPLE: After the estate of Sandra Bland received $1.9 million of “hush money,” Geneva Bland, mother of Sandra Bland, and her attorney appeared on HLN. The host asked the mother if she had wanted to know how her daughter had died before she received the “hush money.” The answer was clear. She had taken the “hush money” before any examination before trial.

The $ilver rite$ movement never establishes proof of a “practice and pattern” of abuses via slavery around Black women abuses and murder. It protects a "rogue wide-receiver or political entity" etc. against personal liability and any claim of receivership against crimes.

Remy explains "If you rape my sister, my daughter, my anything...I don't want your money. Worst case scenario, I want something to happen to you so that you're removed from being able to do this to someone else."

Therefore $ilvil-sponsored law suits will never end if families continue to receive “hush money.” This is like ending police violence by continuing to feed cocaine or heroin to an addict-victim. Victims of sexual assault or violence eventually become addicts of “hush money.” When the “hush money” ends, these previously, compensated victims become “yellow canaries.”


That's one of the stupiest things I've ever heard. Is she trying to boost a sagging career with an outlandish comment?