Remy Ma Responds To Rumors Nas Wouldn't Clear "Shether" For iTunes & Streaming Platforms

The Bronx spitter gives her side of the story on the availability of the diss record.

(AllHipHop News) "See this is chess, not checkers. You can not check the checkers. Did Nas clear that 'Ether' record? Nah, but I broke Aretha record," rapped Nicki Minaj on her "Realize" verse. Those bars seemed to confirm the rumors that the legendary Queens emcee had his record label remove Remy Ma's "Shether" from the internet.

Rem recently sat down with The Breakfast Club. The show's hosts asked her if it was true that Nas wouldn't clear the scathing Nicki diss record for iTunes.

"It was on iTunes for forever and a day - on the charts on iTunes. It stayed at #2 for like a week, and then it was in the Top 20 for I don't even know how long. So that's not actually what happened," responded Remy. "But there were forces at work trying their damnest to get it ripped down from everywhere. On SoundCloud, it had like 3-5 million [plays] in the first 12 hours. So whoever over there got it taken off outlets like that."

She continued, "It was never put out to be charting. It was never put out to make money off it. That wasn't the purpose. I didn't care."

At the time of its release, "Shether" quickly spread across the internet as music fans shared their thoughts about the song. The "Remy versus Nicki" feud became a highly discussed topic in Hip Hop culture for weeks.

"It was a great moment for Hip Hop, regardless of what people may think," stated Rem about the day "Shether" dropped. "People have their bias opinions, but just leave me alone."

The newly signed Columbia Records artist released her latest single "Wake Me Up" featuring Lil Kim yesterday. Remy Ma is currently working on her studio album Seven Winters, Six Summers.